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The Zadar, the Mediterranean heart
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The city Zadar is situated in the middle of Dalmatia and therefore represents the heart of Adriatic coast. The Zadar is primarily industrial, administrative and economic center of the region but many tourist attractions and beaches makes it as well very interesting destination for summer holiday. It is easy to get in Zadar by high-quality and comfortable roads and railroads as well as you can use some other transportation (boats, ships, or airplains) but certainly the biggest attraction is the journey by ferry to the nearby Biograd and Split.


The Zadar is known by the basketball player Kresimir Ćosić and group “Riva” that in 1989. in the Eurovision Song Contest brought the first place to Yugoslavia, which was still existing then. Recently the Zadar has become famous for its attractions, made by conceptual artists. These unusal masterieces certainly attract attention of every tourist that visited this city. One of these unusual attractions is “Pozdrav suncu“
which is made of three hundred multi-layered glass plates placed on the same level with stone streets in a circle diameter of 22 meters. “Pozdrav suncu“ was conceived as a spatial installation in the form of an amphitheater surrounded by the stone blocks to be a stylized view of all the planets of the solar system and their path. At the same time with, “the most beautiful sunset in the world“- how people from Zadar prefer to emphasize,turn on the lighting elements that are embedded in a circle also and specially designed lighting scenario produced an impressive lighting performance in the rhythm of the sound waves and organ.


Recently the Zadar is increasingly becoming Ibiza on the Adriatic coast, during the day it is calm summer resort, and when night falls, the place for the best time in the Balkans. Beside many discos and themed clubs, there is famous festival of electronic music, Garden Festival, which is now the fifth year in a row, held in early July and lasts for nine days, gathering some of the world’s largest DJ names, who take care of your good time every night during the festival till the early morning hours.

Text: Aleksandar Devetak


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