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The Varaždin, Croatian festival city
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The Spancirfest is a street festival held every year at the end of August, in the Croatian city Varaždin, in its streets and squares.
The Spancirfest consists of several smaller festivals: the Hlapec fest is festival for children, Moderato fest-is festival of classic music, Comedy Fest, Jazz Festival, Rhythm Fest consist of concerts with many different artists, as well as Street festivals with street artists, acrobat, jugglers in the main role. It is certainly an unique opportunity to see this unusual event if you are in this time at that time in this part of Croatia.
The Varaždin is situated at the right coast of the Drava river, at an altitude of 174m. It has about 50,000 citizens, and represents cultural, social, educational center. Recently it became center for textile industry (known by Varteks) and IT center of north-western Croatia.


It is interesting the fact that from 1767th to 1776th the Varaždin has even been the Croatian capital city, and today it is known as a city of a Baroque, music and flowers. Its historic center consists of one of the oldest city houses in Europe and the Old City as well as many palaces, so the Varaždin is considered the most preserved Baroque center in this part of Europe.
The famous older buildings in the Varaždin are the remains of the former city walls – the two towers, and Lussac tower and Lančana house. There are very interesting residential palaces from 19th and early 20th century, of which the earliest classic is Villa Miller. The most important building certainly is the Croatian National Theatre, built bz the projects of the Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer, famous theater architects in central Europe. In the urban part, there are many examples of public sculpture, the statues, dating from the Baroque century as well as the statue by Ivan Meštrović Grgur Ninski, and the inevitable bust of the Empress Elizabeth, known as Sisi.

Text: Aleksandar Devetak


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