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The Ljubljana
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Ljubljana is one of the smaller but most beautiful European capitals. The capital of Slovenia, known as Emona, Laibach and Lubiana is situated in the so-called Ljubljana valley between the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea in the basin where the river Ljubljanica empties into the Sava.
Ljubljana is a Slovenian city in typical middle-European style that lives its relaxed life by strictly defined rules and order typical for this part of Europe. It is interesting how Ljubljana, managed in self-specific manner to put together all the specifics the spirit of small town and sympathy to the relaxed atmosphere as well as the role of business and the dynamic capital. (Read the text about Novi Sad).

Ljubljana Slovenia

Ljubljana is the cultural, political, administrative, transportation and in any other meaning the center of Slovenia. It is certainly an interesting tourist destination where you can spend a nice and pleasant long weekend (City breaks). Among the sights of Ljubljana there are some that particularly stand out: Ljubljana Castle (fortress), Triple Bridge, Dragon statue, etc. More about them you can read below:

The Ljubljana Castle is a medieval castle-fortress on the hill above the city. It is very attractive place in the old part of the city where held many cultural events as concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, and conferences. In the castle is permanent exhibition “Slovenian history”.

pogled sa tvrđave

The Triple Bridge is central city bridge on the river Ljubljanice built in 1842 on the same place where was the old wooden bridge. Later on two more bridges, intended for pedestrians, were added to the central stone bridge, and it was created unique architectural masterpiece and city symbol.

The Prešeren Square, located in downtown, is named after the most famous Slovenian poet France Prešeren. On the Square is dominated by the Franciscan Church (cerkev Marijinega oznanjenja), Triple Bridge as well as other medieval city palace.

Zmajski most

The Dragon Brigde is also one of the Ljubljana’s symbols. It is known by the statue of the dragon, designed in Art Nouveau style.

There are many others significant places in Ljubljana too, the Cathedral (Stolnica), the Uršulinska church, City house “Rotvož “, statue “Citizen of Emona”, the buildings of the Ljubljana University, the Philharmonic buildings, the National and University Library, the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Opera house … French Revolution Square, Mestni Square, Old and Gornji Square, Levstikov Square and Republic Square.


Do not miss to enjoy walking through the park and castle Tivoli, Miklošič park as well as twenty others city parks included Botanical garden and the Zoo.

Photos: Jovana Jezdimirović Ranito
Text: Miroslav Bronzić

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