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Krusevo, nest of Macedonian nightingale
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To the younger population Krusevo is known as the birthplace and final resting place of prematurely deceased singer Toše Proeski. Toše Proeski was the singer with one the most beautiful male voices in the former Yugoslavia and with his own musical talent he was celebrated himself and his state Macedonia, as well as his birthplace, Krusevo.

In Krusevo live 5 and a half thousand people, and it is situated at 1350 m above sea level, which makes it an interesting destination for quality winter holiday. There are nearby weald and ski lifts, which become in winter time a real magnet for people who like skiing. Recently, local entrepreneurs have realized the potential of this beautiful Macedonian town and built hotels of high category, which are ready to host guests during the whole year. The town itself is like a small museum in traditional architecture style of the XVIII and XIX centuries. The city is a monument Macedonium (dedicated to the Ilinden Uprising), as well as the museum dedicated to Krusevska Republic and the Ilinden uprising.


Krusevo was first mentioned in 1467, when it was given as property, with Prilep village and another 31 villages to the landowners Hussein-Begu. People from Krusevo became famous fresco painters (painters) who have worked all over the Balkans. The oldest sacral building in Krusevo is the St. Nicholas Church from 1832, which was partly burnt during the Ilinden Uprising. People from Krusevo raised the Church of Mary Uzačašća (1867), and the Church of Holy Trinity, and near the town in Trstenik area they raised the minster Saint Rescue in 1836. All of these monasteries are open to visitors and it is an opportunity for all those who are looking the spiritual experience of some other region.

Kruševo Makedonija

Text: Aleksandar Devetak
Photo: Fabian Vendrig
Illustrations: Gordana Bakić


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