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Koper, Slovenian coastal city
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City Koper (Koper, Capodistria) is located in the southwest part of Slovenian coast. It is arised draining the swampy parts between the island and the land, and became a city that today is considered to be Slovenian industrial and commercial center. Koper’s area was settled in Roman times and this ancient settlement called Aegida in that time. In the literature of the time,it has been mentioned the name Capris for this settlment too, which literally translated means, the growing space for goats.


The Koper is surrounded by high walls with twelve gates. The gate, located at the southern part of the old city, is built in the 1516th and modeled by those which are on the other ancient ports, decorated with the lions heads which are at the time of the Venetian Republic symbolized the the city strength and courage. The famous Pontain sink is from the 17th century, by which is built fountain , and which, according to witnesses, bring happiness if you drink water from that fontain.


The Koper has the important role in goods reloading for South Eastern Europe and the largest income is of the city’s port, but recently it has become an important tourist and administrative center. In the city center there are the historic authentic heritage: many squares, churches and palaces. It is interesting that is the Koper known as Slovenian Trieste as well, because at the eighties of the last century it was very popular for shopping. Because of its geographical position and excellent supplied stores, the Koper is today a magnet for all those people from neighboring Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina who likes shopping.


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