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Bucharest, the Balkan megalopolis
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The Bucharest is a Balkan trade, industry and transport center. It was first mentioned in written documents in 1459th. The Bucharest became the capital city of Romania in 1862nd and today, in the city area lives more than two million people, and so many in the wider city area. There are two wide boulevards cutting the Bucharest by its entire length. While you are entering the city, you can not avoid the impression that this is a real megalopolis, with large boulevards, wide streets with large green areas and buildings, built mostly in French and Italian style. The Bucharest has its golden ages between two world wars, and in the it was bombed by the Allies. Next years were not peaceful for the Bucharest. In 1977. happend terrible earthquake when died over 1,500 people and next earthquake occurred 1990th but fortunately with much less consequences.


Buildings that are most interesting to visitors in Bucharest certainly are the Arch of Triumph, built on the model of exact one in Paris, then the Romanian Athenaeum and the Palace of Justice, as well as the former royal palace, which is now transformed into a Art Museum. The Palace of Parliament is a special story for itsself, It is the largest building in Europe and second largest in the world and no one would be indifferent with its size and magnificence. This building has 12 floors, 1100 rooms, over a hundred meters long lobby and four underground levels, with nuclear bunker. Thought that this monumental building was built during the reign of one of the most brutal communist leader Ceausescu Nikolajea gives the building a dark note. The construction of Parliament began in 1984th , and the Ceausescu couple’s ideas at first wasto be the seat of the Communist Party of Romania there. Because of the known events from 1989. the building has never received the role that it was intended.


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