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Timisoara, modern and beautiful city…
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The Timisoara is a very attractive and above all, urban city. It is a city that has everything as well as the neighboring metropolises: Bucharest, Belgrade or Budapest … Opera, Airport, Zoo, spectacular historic center … The Timisoara became the first European city received electric street lighting in 1884…

In recent history, the Timisoara is known as a city where started an uprising and the ending of the dictatorial regime of Nicolae Ceausescu (1989). Once the Timisoara was on the other side of “Iron Curtain” but now, twenty years later, it is a modern, beautiful city in the European Union…


The Timisoara is a multicultural city in which besides the Romanians live members of three ethnic groups: Hungarian, German and Serbian.

Unity Square (Piaţa Unirii), Victory Square (Piaţa Victoriei) and the Liberty Square (Piaţa Libertăţii).
The Unity Square is the center of old city part and on the square there are:

Museum of the Revolution (Muzeul Revoluţiei) where is an interesting exhibition with art pieces from Revolution (1989.), police uniforms from that time, newspaper articles etc.
The old palace of the prefecture / Baroque Palace (Palatul Vechia Prefecture) is a former governor’s residence. It dates from the 18th century. Today it is the Museum of Art, which keeps art pieces of Italian, German and Flemish artists of the 15th to 17 century and
The Serbian Orthodox Church (Biserica Ortodoxa Sârbă) is a very nice building with extravagant decorations. It was built in the 8th century.
The Catholic Cathedral of St. George (Gheorghe Catedrala Sfântul) is built according to the projects of the Viennese architect von Erlach in the Baroque and Rococo styles.


The Victory Square is second well known square famous as the “Opera Square” because there is situated the National Opera building. In this square is the oldest building in Timisoara – Castle Huniazilor which was in a half of the 15th century raised by the Duke of TransylvaniaIancu de Hunedoara. Here is located the Orthodox Cathedral, the Museum of Banat and other notable buildings from different periods.

The Liberty Square is the smallest of these 3 Squares and is located between the Unity Square and the Victory Square. On the square there is the Old City Hall in front of which is the statue of St. John Nepomuk .

In Timisoara, there are many sights and attractions that you need to see. Walk through Timisoara is a walk through history, culture and civilization. The atmosphere is typical and unique. Second name for Timisoara is “Little Vienna” because to some people it looks like Vienna but it is not Vienna as well as Bucharest is not “Paris of the East”. Truly saying there are some similarities here, but the authenticity is not questionable. The Timisoara has been for a long time “smuggling” destination or auxiliary airport of Belgrade. Timisoara is a city of the past, present and future.
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