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Subotica, the fortress and the north beauty
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Subotica, the northern city in Serbia, is located between two major river basins of the Danube and Tisa, in a heart of the Pannonian Plain, which has a long tradition and rich cultural heritage, and by number of population in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina it is just next to Novi Sad.


Subotica is mentioned for the first time as a significant settlement at the beginning of the 13th century, after Tatarian campaigns, and the population from the neiboring farms and villages, that has been survived, has been brought on a strategic place which were choosen to be a defense fortress from the constant enemies attacts.
At the end of a 19th century and early 20th century Suborica has became Modern Central European city. Then the rich people-owners, industrialists, craftsmen and traders literally competed to build their city with a Budapest and other cities in this part of Europe.
Since it was a fortress till today Subotica has grown in a center of Backa region with seven gates, opened and spacious, laid out in the valley. City Hall is distinguished with its beauty and power among all valuable buildings , and it is masterpiece of secession architecture and crafts art and certainly one of the seven miraculous buildings in Serbia. It is the largest and the most beautiful building in Subotica.


It was built in two years, since 1908. to 1910, but the famous artists of that time were still next two years its interiors. It is decorated with a stylized tulips. With a City Hall, ceramic fountain “Zolnai“ has become a new symbol of Subotica, and one of the inevitable attraction for all visitors. It is the meeting and resting place for people and pigeons, and during the warm days in summer time it reduces temperature a few degrees, so this beautiful oasis is pleasently refreshing .
Accross the railway station in Subotica,there is a building called. “Building of a painting meeting” located in the former Rajhl Palace built 1904th . Since the beginning of the sixties, Rajhl-palace is representing the place where it is held the most representative exhibition in the city.

Author: Aleksandar Devetak

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