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Novi Sad
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Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, is one of a few capitals that live at the same time calm and relaxed life, which is characterized for all Vojvodina’s cities, as well as it has all the attributes of the European metropolis, cosmopolitan spirit, manners and the details that make it a great city. The easiest way would be to compare it with central European capitals Ljubljana and Bratislava.

Župna crkva imena Marijina

The Novi Sad is known as an ideal place to live. The Novi Sad is just a city without crowds and stress. It is by itself incredible peaceful place. An image of happy people with smiling faces who aren’t in a rush, makes an impression so strong that you will never forget.
The city Novi Sad consists of three parts: central part, part on the left coast of the Danube and Petrovaradin, and Sremska Kamenica on the right side of the Danube.
The two biggest attractions in Novi Sad are the river Danube and the great Petrovaradin fortress that is among the largest building this kind in this part of the world. Right here, in a fortress overlooking the Danube is the most recognizable symbol and in a visual sense synonymous with the Novi Sad – the Clock Tower that is unique by big needle that shows hours, and small shows minutes.They say it is because for the boatman who sail the Danube to see what time is it.
The Petrovaradin Fortress is a beautiful preserved place where you will certainly spent some time for sightseeing because it’s worth. The famous music festival EXIT is held every year here.

Novi Sad

There are very significant sights and monuments that should be visited: The Liberty Square, the City hall, Monument dedicated to Svetozar Miletić, the Dunavska Street and Zmaj Jovina Street, Monument of Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, the most famous children’s poet, etc.
The Liberty Square is a central city square where you can enjoy looking at the bronze statue, dedicated to Svetozar Miletić (1826-1901), who was a former lawyer and mayor of Novi Sad, the political leader of Serbs in Vojvodina. This bronze statue made by Ivan Meštrović in 1939, is 5m high and with the dynamics of motion suggests to Miletić temperament. You will enjoy also in a view on beautiful architectural buildings: Financial Palace, the Catholic Cathedral “name of Mary”, Tanurdžić Palace and Hotel Vojvodina.

The City Hall is a beautiful building on the Liberty Square. It represents beautiful work designed by the architect George Molnar from 1895th and was built in Neo-Renaissance style with 16 allegorical figures and the city emblem. Building is recognizable for its high tower – the bell tower St. Florian too.
The Catholic Cathedral “Name of Mary” – known as the Cathedral was built in Neo-Gothic style. It was built at the same time as the City Hall (City Hall) designed by the architect George Molnar.

Novi Sad

The famous Zmaj Jovina Street – once the city’s main street, placed from the Liberty Square to the Bishop’s palace. Once it was craft and trade center and because of its commercial functions called “Magazinska Alley” and then you could take city train to get to the end of street. Today the Zmaj Jovina Street is beautiful promenade without traffic. It got present look in 1848th after the bombing of Novi Sad from Petrovaradin fortress.
The Bishop’s Palace was designed by architect Vladimir Nikolić in 1901. It is emphasized a line of old Byzantine architecture with rich coats of arms of the Diocese of Bačka.

Novi Sad

The Cathedral of St.George is nearby the Bishop’s Palace. It was built in the 1734th and was designed by architect G. Šaiba. It was done larger reconstruction in the period from 1860. to 1880. The Cathedral keeps a valuable collection of icons painted by Paja Jovanović and Stevan Aleksić.
The Dunavska Street is complete ambient, crafts, trade and cultural zones. Here, among other significant buildings and institutions are located: the City Library, the Museum of Novi Sad and the Museum of Vojvodina and on the other side are the Danube Park and ending on the Danube coast. This street is the favorite promenade in Novi Sad.

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There are so many sights in Novi Sad that are almost impossible to describe all in one article. Therefore, we will omit some and some mention: the Serbian National Theatre, the Synagogue, Monument of Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, Gallery of Matica Srpska, The Collection of Paul Beljanski and Rajko Mamuzić, SPENS, Palace of Danube estate (now the Vojvodina’s Executive Council), business building of company NIS, Zepter Palace etc.

PHOTO: Bozena Dimic
Text: M. Bronzic


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