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Nova Gorica, The town of Roses
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Nova Gorica is a nice, colorful town on the Slovenian border with Italy. Specifically, Nova Gorica and Gorizia (Gorizia) on the Italian side are now the same town but in the two different states. When you are in Gorica, you don’t have a feeling that they are separated. There is no border crossing, no difference in the currency (Euro – Tolar), but language differences exist because Slovenian and Italian languages are not at all similar but there is no problem in communication, population are mixed and speaks both languages.

Granica sa italijom

Nova Gorica was arised after World War II as a substitute for Gorizia, which has remained on the other side of the border. The first thought of this creation of the communist system is specific architecture that time as well as in other similar formations, but, Nova Gorica, however, was a lucky. The town was planned and designed to be a big park, so a lot of space devoted to „green city“. It is well known as the “City of Roses” because this precious flower can be found at every step.

Zgrada univerziteta

The climate is transitional sub-Mediterranean in Gorica and there are many exceptionally beautiful exotic plants have been able to grow hroughout the year and the town is still covered with greenery and flowers. Here grow some rare and exotic tree species.
Gorica is the administrative and university center too, the capital of the sunny west Slovenia area, as an University cener it becames younger even more beautiful and alive, because there are a lot of pupils and students from all around the world. Gorica is a cultural center and in his offer there are rich variety of cultural and popular events especially in the stages of Slavic national theater and House of Culture, or in the town squares: concerts, festivals, dance performances, exhibitions, fairs …

Kostanjevički dvorac

In the surroundings of Nova Gorica, there are many tourist attractions and among the largest two are Franciscan Monastery: Athos Maritime and Kostanjevica.
Kostanjevica is located on a same-named hill and there was buried the last member of the French Bourbon royal dynasties. This monastery is proud of a Bourbon roses collection which is the second largest in Europe.
Another monastery is Mount Athos – more about this monastery can be found here.
It is important to mention the Kromberk castle where is Gorica Museum. Around the castle is decorated with beautiful garden in a baroque style with a theater for different events.


Do not miss to visit picturesque town Skolan, green river Socu and the old railed bridge with the largest stone arch in the world.
In half an hour from here, you can get to the Adriatic sea, mountains, or, if you go to the west, to the green and wine Vipava valleys…

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