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All those beautiful nights in Sombor…
Home Urban centers Cities All those beautiful nights in Sombor…

The Sombor is among the most beautiful and most representative cities in Serbia. It is famous worldwide for its architecture, urban character and originality but also for its cheerful spirit and a rich social and night life.
It is writtenso many poems about Sombor and its most famous song says:

’’In that Sombor
everything is as you wish:
truly there are everything,
and the women drink wine
in that Sombor…’’

There is one song more famous and more original as well than this one “Fijaker stari” („the old carriage“ ), in which Zvonko Bogdan describes in a very original way the city’s atmosphere- look at the video on the right side.
The carriage is now a symbol of Sombor and a tourist attraction.


Sombor was mensioned for the first time in the 1391 in the written documentations under the name Cobor St. Mihaly, as the possession of Count Cobor.
However the city has developed in one of 14 islands, formed by the Mostonga river, with its widely spread over its course. Later with regulation of the water flow, irrigation and digging a canal completely changed the physiognomy of the terrain and Sombor is no longer an island town in the swamp land…
Can you imagine Sombor as a Turkish town with seven mosques and minarets which dominate the city!?
Yes, when the Sombor was occupied by the Turks, it has assumed all characteristics of the Turkish settlement. It became the headquarters of the Segedin district. Beside all characteristics of Turkish cities there are in Sombor over two hundred craft shops: coppersmith, silversmith, and other distinctive crafts shops.

Times and the rulers have changed and Sombor lived its own life … It came that famous 1749, a year, when the Sombor’s sitizens bought status of „free royal town“ for 150,000 florins from the Empress Maria Theresa and since then it began new history of Sombor, strong economic and cultural development. In a word, Sombor becomes as we know it today.


Sombor is one of the, at that time, a few cities that have a planning and zoning regulation. Francois de Soar made the first plan of Sombor and its original is still preserved in the Vienna War Archives. This plan is testimony that the old city center kept its authentic form and most of big and monumental buildings is preserved. Old city part is enclosed with four streets forming a rectangle that clearly separates the old part from the new city part.
Most buildings were built in the Biedermeier style and the most famous palaces and churches are: the magnificent Somborska Županija, the City Hall, Public Library “Karlo Bijelicki”, the Graškalović Palace, house of Janoš Madjara, the Kronić Palace, the Monastery of the Saint Archdeacon Stefan , the Church of the Saint Trinity – the old Catholic church, the Church of Saint John the Baptist – a small Orthodox church, Church of Saint George – united Orthodox Church, the Carmelite Church – a church with two towers, the Chapel of St. Nepomuk Ivana, Plebanija – rectory, Preparandija – Teacher School, Serbian reading room and many others.

When we talk about natural attractions, Sombor is neither here behind, and represents the leader in the number of parks and green spaces and is considered to be the greenest city in the whole Serbia. Near the Sombor there are famous hunting and forest areas, and therefore hunting tourism is extremely developed in this area. In Sombor hunting area it is grown red deer, roe deer, wild boars, various species of birds and other small wild animals.

Sombor – 3D panorama

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