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Skadarlija, Belgrade bohemian quart
Home Traditions & customs Skadarlija, Belgrade bohemian quart

Skadarlija is the famous Belgrade bohemian quart. Skadarlija contains of the street Skadarlija, according to which it got its name, and the area around that popular Belgrade street. It is often compared to the Athens Plaka or Paris Montmartre.
The spirit of the old bohemians and past times you can feel here very intensely, and then, in those ancient times, Skadarlija was Belgrade quart where lived actors and other artists, especially writers and poets, who gathered and spent time in local restaurants until late at night …
They say that actors because of their fright before performances have not eaten all day and after they finished the play in National Theatre, that is nearby, they came here to have a dinner and relax with the sounds of folk music and songs … Some poets like Đure Jaksic, who now has his monument in Skadarlija, were regular guests Skadarlija’s restaurants and with their presence and work left ever lasting mark on Skadarlija’s street made of cobble stones.
Skadarlija’s charm is still hiding in the atmosphere and spirit of ancient times which do not leave this old city quart. There are many restaurants with traditional serbian cuisine, art galleries, cafes, bakery and pastry shops …

Skadarska ulica

Here you’ll meet street musicians, charming ladies selling roses, traveling actors who keep their monodrama, chiromancer who will look into the palm … you can sit on the bench and feed pigeons or you can just sit in one of the many restaurant’s garden or balconies and look at all that colorful world, listening all the world’s languages of passengers, tourists …
You can look unreal murals – drawn on the walls and the facade by which is Skadarlija recognizable and discuss whether a window or balcony flower you see in the distance, real or fake, drawn …

Skadarska ulica

Skadarlija goes “down” from the city center to Bajloni market (srb. Bjalonova pijaca), a big market square with large stalls, vendors, customers, pigeons … In the end of Skadarlija there is plateau in front of Bajloni market where you can see Sebilj fountain (srb. Sebilj česma) – a symbol and unselfish gift from Sarajevo to Belgrade.
Walls of the old factory beer rely on Skadarlija and give it a special charm, and originality. There is also here, one would say, unusual building of elementary school „Skadarlija“, that doesn’t fit in complete ambient. Here, one of its building has the National Bank of Serbia too. There are cute little hotel “Petit Piaf,” restaurants “Three Hats”, “My hat”, “Two Deer”, “Two white pigeons,” There are days”,” The Golden Kettle ” and many others …


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