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Fašinada, Perast, Boka Kotorska Bay
Home Traditions & customs Fašinada, Perast, Boka Kotorska Bay

The Fašinada is an ancient national custom in the Boka Kotorska Bay, which is organized on 22nd July every year in honor of the Holy Mary of Škrpjela (škrpjel = cliff). With the sunset and the song Bugarštice, rowing boats start moving towards to the island of Holy Mary of Škrpjela to hold the promise and threw stones around the island.
According to the legend once upon a time two fishermen find the icon of Holy Mary of Škrpjela with Christ on the rocks in front the city, where was later formed an island.
In gratitude, people from Perast decided to build an island from cliffs and church on the island as well dedicated to the Holy Mary of Škrpjela. It was just like that: they sank here its dilapidated ships, the Turkish galleys, and brought the stones until it was build an island large enough to build the church.
Untill today there is a rule and custom to organize ceremony laying new stones to make an island strong before any „vijađa“. In this way, an island of Holy Mary of Škrpjela is an island that constantly grows and expands.


The Fašinada is a procession in which a convoy of interconnected barges loaded with rocks and decorated with poplar branches moving from Perast port to the island of Holy Mary of Škrpjela to pass the stones. At the head of the convoy is major in boats while women are on the coast.
The Fašinada is named after the Italian word “fascia”, which translated into Serbian means a tape or binding, which connected barges.

The Fašinada is a special tourist attraction ending with a national celebration which is presentation of local culture and traditions, costumes, songs and spirit of Perast and the Boka Kotorska Bay.

Holy Mary of Škrpjela

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