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The Lesbos island, poetry in waves
Home Summer resorts Islands The Lesbos island, poetry in waves

Since ancient times the Lesbos island has a reputation as source of a powerful energy. Many archeological places testify that this island was once a center of lyrical poetry prosperity, philosophical thoughts and applied arts. For centuries there are on Lesbos in perfect harmony gorges and magnificent coastal cliffs inner the island, with slopes that have been burned by boiling lion long ago. Almost everywhere one can find the moment of high beauty and it will not anyone leave indifferent.

The Lesbos island

On Lesbos were adored Gods of happiness and sun and right here was written the rhymes of wonderful songs of the ancient poet Sappho, who sang about love between women. Lesbos seems that it has been made with divine inspiration, filled with light and shadow play and rise from the sea hug to the surface, gradually rising in all its beauty. The most parts of Lesbos are inextricably conected to each other so they create a feeling that time is stopped on this island while you are only admiring to this beauty, you are leaving it untouched.


Warm climate, fertile land and sea are the best characteristic the Lesbos island, the third largest Greek island. Wondrous landscape of olive plantations with pine forests, and some other vegetation, covering an island, except rocky reefs, make this island special.
This romantic place in the wonderful way connects a fishing villages and small tourist places known for its stone houses with red roofs that rise up above the streets and stairs to the monumental city walls.
Location of the Lesbos island is specific and from the island can be seen neighboring Turkey. In many taverns in the port areas you can enjoy in seafood specialities and some other specialties as well.
After delicious dinner you can relax in the evening walks and just sit at the old squares that are, during the tourist season, center of many cultural events and different kind of entertainment with the artists from all over the world
Shopping funs will be delighted with many local stores that sell everything “from the needles to locomotives “. The Lesbos island is known also for its night life in many bars, clubs and discos.

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