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Mykonos, “fancy” island
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Mykonos is a popular “fancy” island in the Cyclades archipelago, famous for a night life, “celebrities” guests and “expensive” bars and hotels …bars, pubs and clubs in which are organized parties that end in the early morning hours …

grad Mikonos

By popularity and prices, it is just behind the Santorini and Crete.
Mykonos visited mainly younger population, and by this and other criteria also, it can be compared only with the Ibiza.
Mykonos has always been known as a holiday destination of gay population, but the last time there are more “straight” tourists, and even family people.
The capital of the island is the same-named town Mykonos with about 6500 permanent residents. This is a classic, traditional Cyclades very small town with white houses and flat roofs familiar from the postcards, moreover, symbols for Greece …

Mikonos nudizam

It is difficult to understand Mykonos town’s map and most of all it remainds of a labyrinth. However, there is a network of main street (Matogianni, Enoplon Dynameon and Mitropoleos), which are in forms of horseshoes and distances old town center on three sides while the fourth side is looking to the sea. There is near promenade.
Particularly attractive part of town is the “Little Venice” , which is visually famous for picturesque buildings, that are known for its colored facades and balconies, swept by the sea waves.

Little Venecie

Mykonos is famous for its windmills. They are white with straw roofs. The most famous one is in the Mykonos town.
The most popular beach in Mykonos is the “Paradise beach” full of bars and pubs from which you can hear is constantly loud music. Regularly DJs are changing on the stage and the party never stops. Only the younger population is on the beach,it is constantly crowd, topless and nude sunbathing are usual.

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