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Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Sea.It is one of the most beautiful and most attractive Greek islands. Perhaps it is enough to say that is located between Corfu, Lefkada and Zakynthos, and it will be certainly guarantee that it is a good place to have a holiday. However, Kefalonia is a unique and unrepeatable: the endless blue, the rosemary scent, sun, beautiful beaches (even 250 km of beach), hidden and picturesque places, sea caves … in a one word it is Kefalonia.
Kefalonia is best described by Luis de Bernijer in his best-selling novel “Captain Corelli Mandolin” by which it was later made a movie with Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz in the main roles. In this way, Kefalonia is celebrated around the world and tourism has experienced a sudden expansion.
An interesting fact is that close to Kefalonia is the neighboring island of Ithaca, where the mythical hero Odysseus was born. You should not miss to visit Ithaca while you were staying on Kefalonia.

It is an interesting story with multiple versions about the name of Kefalonia but common to all versions is one key word “Cephas” (κεφάλι) which in Serbian means “head” or in the slang “smart head”. Kefalonia is the “main” island which the capital city Argostoli is the administrative cener of the whole region also, especially in the past, as Argostoli is today the capital of the prefecture of Kefalonia and Ithaca.
Cruising through Kefalonia gives you an impression of perfect peace and tranquility island life. Calm people from Kefalonia welcome you with a smile and truly unselfishness even they don’t know and understand you. They are very hospitable and you can feel how dear guests you are. Life and history of Kefalonia are related to the sea and the marine sciences. From here comes today the world famous sailors who spent most of his life in seas and oceans worldwide and they bring back to the island exotic gifts and blessings.

Relief base of the island is mountainous, consisting of two linked parts, the eastern, which is turn to the land and has a beautiful sandy beach with gradual entry into the sea and the western part, whose coast are descend into the sea. The composition of the rocks on the island is limestone which is due to soil erosion has made numerous caves and crevices. The coast is full of bays and capes. On Kefalonia there is an unique phenomenon of open sea caves that are filled with water.
Holidays on Kefalonia are unforgettable and impressions that you take with you would be for a long time in your mind. People come back quite often to Kefalonia seeking peace, tranquility and relaxation in which they previously enjoyed.

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