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Corfu, the island of St. Spyridon
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The island of Corfu (Κέρκυρα) got its name from the beautiful nymphs Corfu, daughter of the river Assopos in which Poseidon fell in love, and he kidnapped her and brought to Corfu …
Corfu has become a protector of Corfu. Thsi role the protector of the island
become also Saint Spyridon.
By legends, Corfu is a paradise on the Earth. The Ionian and the Adriatic sea splashed with waves the island – imagine this perfect combination!
The capital city of the island is the same called city Corfu, one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. It is characterized by greenery and exotic plants, beautiful and picturesque narrow streets and squares. The city is dominated by the English and Venetian architecture, whose cross-influences are visible everywhere. The city is famous for it’s two fortresses, the old and new one, both located in the central part of the city.
One of the most popular streets is certainly Liston street with many lanterns, esplanade from the famous arcaded of Liston palace. This street is a copy of the Paris Rivoli Street. The city is proud of its beautiful palaces, the church of Sts. Spyridon from the sixteenth century, and many other buildings.
Vegetation on the island is lush and gorgeous, the flowers and Mediterranean vegetation, olive groves, coniferous forests, and crystal clear sea, sandy beaches, romantic sea coves… in one word: Corfu!

Corfu - Greece

Corfu had a special role in Serbian history during the First World War. Then at the “Island of Hope,” as they called him Serbs, received 151,828 soldiers and civilians who were the enemy expelled through Montenegro and Albania and from the Albanian port of Valona transported by ships to Corfu. Tired and exhausted, with no conditions for the recovery, so many of the soldiers died. At first they have been buried in military cemeteries and when there was not enough place, they were buried in depth of the Adriatic Sea. In the history it is known as “Blue Graveyard “. It is mentioned in this famous poem french hospital ship “Saint Francis of Assisi” from which the bodies were thrown into the sea …

Krf, plaža

As a symbol of Serbian-Greek friendship and remembrance of the unfortunate events of the First World War there is Serbian house on the Island.
In recent times the more popular one-day trips are to Albania. Across the island is the Albanian coast and the famous Albanian destination Saranda. If you plan to have a holiday on Corfu think about this exotic excursion.

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