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Brač, Island’s stones build in the White House
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Brač is the third largest island in Croatia and the largest in Central Dalmatia. On the island it is located Vidova Gora, which reaches 778 meters above sea level, and the highest island peak in the entire Adriatic coast. The Brač has a population of 13,000 people, who are living mostly in small villages, around the whole island.

The most desirable tourist destination is the biggest city on the island, Supetar, with many hotels and beautiful beaches. The Supetar is considered otherwise the fastest growing city in the whole Croatia, because the city’s population increases by almost a thousand every year. It is just result of its development and investment in various tourist offers of the Brač Island that will be attractive to the tourists, making their holiday in Brač pleasant. There is no other island in the vicinity that can boast with its own airport except Brač, and it has definitely contributed to the faster tourist development of the island.

To everyone who intend to visit Brač could be certainly interesting little town Bol with its, now famous worldwide, beach Zlatni Rat (“Gold war”). It is located on the southern coast of the Brač Island, and 1km long beach is a phenomenon, as it is described by locals, looks like a pebbly cape which is surrounded by a beautiful pure Adriatic sea. Because of the crossing winds in this part of the Adriatic Sea, the Brač Island is also ideal for windsurfing.

Otok Brač

As the other Dalmatian islands, because of a very favorable climate and sun, shining most of the time in years, there are also on the Brač many vineyards and olive yards, and the quality of wine and oil from Brač is known far and beyond the Balkans. The whole area is rich in fish, so in restaurants there is a rich menu offer and a various sea food offer in which freshness and quality is no doubt. Apart from its fertile land, the Brač is perhaps even better known for its stone used to build many significant buildings in the world, such as the Diocletian Palace in Split, and there are unproved claims that it is used to build the White House in Washington.

Foto: Adelina Metikoš
Text: Aleksandar Devetak

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