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Bol and Zlatni Rat
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Picturesque and charming town Bol is one of the most beautiful small towns on the Adriatic coast, and this statement is confirmed by the fact that since 1965 till today, it was a winner of Croatian tourism even thirteen times.

The Bol is situated on the southern part of Brač Island. Once it was a fishing village and now it is elite destination with one of the few most beautiful beaches on Mediterranean – Zlatni rat. Officially (according to research by tour operators and media companies), Zlatni Rat is the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, one of the five best in Europe and one of the 10 most beautiful in the world. / see the text “Navagio” – the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean /

zlatni rat

This beautiful beach Zlatni rat is a rare natural phenomenon entering deep into the sea, almost half a kilometer. Under the influence of waves, wind and streams, the top of the isthmus is constantly changing its shape so that you feel as if it is alive, and it looks like the long legged starfish…

Near the beach there is a pine forest that enhances the atmosphere of a combination of sea smell, salt and pine resin carried by the Maestral wind and it seems particularly relaxing.

The Bol has over 1600 inhabitants, but during the season there are several times more. Tourism, as a main field, has recently taken precedence over the other, once the basic industries, sailing, fishing and viticulture.

Among the famous buildings of cultural significance it has been distinguished baroque villa from the 15th century, the Dominican monastery, the Parish Church, a Statue “Fishermen” in the city port, a Statue of “Mala Mare”… and from natural beauties the Zmajeva špilja and desert Blaca…

Brač, Bol and Zlatni rat is a perfect trinity! Therefore, if you plan to have a holiday on the Adriatic coast, seriously consider this combination.

Written by: Miroslav Bronzić

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