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The Varna, the capital of the Bulgarian coast
Home Summer resorts Coast The Varna, the capital of the Bulgarian coast

The Varna is the largest Bulgarian city on the Black Sea, and the third largest city in Bulgaria with about 350 thousand citizens. Varna is the center of the Province of the same name, which consists of the following areas: Dobrič, Šumen, Targovište i Varna. Varna represents the summer Bulgarian capital, a major tourist destination, but also a university center and seaport, as well as the Bulgarian center for war and merchant navy.


The ancient name for Varna is Odesos, a city that was established 26 centuries ago. Greek travelers have come to this region in the 6th century, attracted by the sea beauty, they took over from local Thracians and established their own colony. The city became its name Varna after the established Bulgarian State in 681st. This are was marked by different cultural epochs, ancient, Middle ages, the National Revival century and modern times, and during archaeological excavations in the Varna Nekropolis, it has been found the biggest gold treasure in the world and it can be seen in the Archaeological Museum in Varna.

Varna is an important summer tourist center as well as start place for the other Black Sea destinations (Golden Pjasci, Balchik, Chayka, Kavarna). There is nearby Evsinograd residence, summer residence of Bulgarian kings. It began with a construction of the residence in 1882. by the design of the Venetian architect Rupell Mayer. The same year the Bulgarian Prince Alexander Battenberg received as a gift of priest’s council of the Greek Eparchy of the Monastery of St. Dimitar, Evsinograd with all its surrounding, vineyards and buildings. Later, the prince extended his property for 8 km north, covering an area of 80 hectares. At the beginning the residental’s name was Sandrovo, by the nickname of Prince Alexander Battenberg- Sandro, but later on in 1883 it was named Evsinograd in honor to the Princess Marie Louis, a wife the following Bulgarian Emperor Ferdinand. In the main city square there are several old churches and other historical monuments. In the summer, when the city is especially alive happen the most cultural events. The City Historical Museum represents famous cultural institutions where it keeps one of the oldest gold treasure in the world.

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