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The Black Sea, a good choice for a holiday
Home Summer resorts Coast The Black Sea, a good choice for a holiday

The Black Sea is a relatively new destination on the tourist map of Europe and the world. The Black Sea has a big tourist potential and its coast developed rapidly.
Prejudiced attitudes and stereotypes about the Black Sea as a cold, dark sea as its name says … slowly falling into the water. The truth about the Black Sea and its coast need to be found right there …

However, the Black Sea is in many ways different from other seas surrounding the Balkan Peninsula. It is completely isolated from the rest of the Mediterranean with whom it is connected only with the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits.
However, the water is relatively dark with smaller salinity than the rest of the Mediterranean Sea, but, why would it be a problem? The Black Sea has its charms and characteristic that others don’t have…
Tourism in the Black Sea is a rapidly developing and tourist destinations on its coast are becoming recognized and known throughout the continent and the world.
On the coast of the Black Sea in Sochi at 2014th will be held the Olympic Games…

However, we are talking about the coast of the Black Sea on the Balkan side that may be, more beautiful and more attractive than others … There are tourist centers as Mamaya in Romania or Albena in Bulgaria which will certainly take the breath away to the tourists. There are ancient cities under UNESCO protection as Nessebar, cities as Constanta, Varna and Bourgas …
Dusty “Iron Curtain” has fallen long ago and the Black Sea coast are under the flag of the European Union.
It’s high time to think about the Black Sea as a tourist destination and if we take into account the fact that the financial aspect for significantly smaller amount you will get the service with the same or similar quality of the Adriatic, Aegean and Ionian Sea: the Black Sea is an ideal opportunity for one of next summer holiday!

Text: M. Bronzic

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