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Saranda, holiday in Albania
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Have you ever thought about summer vacation in Albania? Whether you realize it as an adventure or not, it’s a very serious competition to many coastal countries and regions.
Saranda has a potential to become new “Budva” in a few years!
Saranda is the capital city of the same-named region and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Albania.
It is situated on the southern coast of the Ionian sea and it is only two nautical miles far away from Greek island Corfu. They are connected by ferry-boat that runs every day.

saranda plaža

Saranda is a coastal town with beautiful nature placed between sea and high mountains and hinterland. It’s already famous for its good night life, because on the coast there are luxury hotels and restaurants, for beautiful sandy beaches and clear turquoise sea.
It is built on the ruins of the ancient city Onhesmosa and his name
Saranda derives his name from “Sarandi” – old Christian monastery dedicated to “Santa Kuaranta” (Forty Holy Martyrs)…
Recently, Saranda is experiencing a tourist and building expansion, where is rapidly building infrastructure facilities, particularly roads. Anyway, a few years ago, and even today in some part of Albania, it is a real adventure traveling through Albania in the sense of absence and bad condition of roads and traffic. Also, it has been rapidly built hotels along the coast but, unfortunately, without a good urban plan.
By its position, Saranda is incredible reminding on of the Turkish Kusadasi and has his own “Efes” and Butrint in which Italian archaeologists have discovered the structure of the sixth century BC. In the IV century it was already Megapolis with 10,000 inhabitants. It is located at 17 km from town.
In the surroundings there are several tourist attractions: Acharavi about 18 km, about 6 km Finike, Butrinti about 17 km, about 17 km Pantocrator, Anchors about 26 km, about 24 km Barbati, Peroulades about 29 km, Gjirokastra about 26 km, Castle Lekures about 2.2 km, Agios Georgios about 33 km.
Summer vacation in Albania is not an adventure. Think about it…

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  2. It’s a nice Place to visit

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