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Rhodes, the Colossus of Rhodes
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Rhodes is one of those destinations where the spirit of a modern cosmopolitan metropolis and tourists from around the world, connected and collided with ancient civilizations and medieval knightly tales and customs. Here are its history stamp left Helena, Phoenicians, Dorci, Knights of the Order of Sts. John, Turks and Italians…
If we add to all this beautiful sandy beaches, clean and blue sea (Aegean and Mediterranean), untouched nature that best describe the epithets “The Sun valley”, “Butterfly valley”, “Island of Roses”, “Deer Island” … it is clearly why we are talking here about this destination for holiday. Rhodes means in the translation “hibiscus flower, and pomegranate” …

Rodos gradska luka

Rhodes is one of the largest and most famous of all Greek islands.
Rhodes, belongs to the Dodecanese islands and is located at the east of Greece next to Cyprus and Turkey. It is only 18 km away from the Turkish coast.
Rhodes is known for many things but it is the most famous for one of the Seven World Wonders – the Colossus of Rhodes.
The most famous and most recognizable place on the island is the Mandraki, the ancient city port on which entrance ate standing pillars with statues of deer and fawn on every side of port entrance. Apparently just on the places, where the pillars were, was Colossus foot but this was only described in the legend and there is no reliable evidence. This image complements the fortress of Sts. Nicholas with a lighthouse and three old windmills.
Rhodes was the first city ever built by the city urban plan. It has made before 24 000
famous architect ancient times Ippodamus.
In the city the famous attractions are buildings such as: Governor’s Palace, National Theatre, City Hall … The city’s original and surrounded the ancient walls within which is a combination of narrow cobbled streets with balconies and domes of the old Turkish mosque … medieval palaces, Byzantine churches and castles from which you can feel the spirit of old times, the Knights of Malta and the Order of the Rhodes Knights.
By the UNESCO, Rhodes is characterized as a monument of world cultural heritage!


Lindos is truly the most beautiful and most attractive town in the island. It is an ancient town with a acropolis within which is temple of Athena- Lindije. It is situated on the fortress above the city. Beach in Lindos is certainly the most beautiful and most attractive one on the whole island. Lindos is 49 km far away from the city Rhodes.
The most famous summer destinations on the island are: Rhodes, Faliraki, Kalithea, Lindos, Jalisos as well as Arhangelos, Afandou, Koskinou, Embona and Trianta.
The Colossus of Rhodes is a big statue of the sun god Helios. By the legend, people of Rhodes decided to bestow this “colossal” statue in gratitude and victory over the Macedonian king Demetrius Poliokret in the 4th century BC. The statue was made of enemy guns and other war weapons.
Colossus statue is between 30 and 40 meters high and 70 tons weight and located at the entrance to the old town port. Work is guided by sculptor Kares, 291st BC. 50 years after setting up the statue, during the devastating earthquake, that hit Rhodes, statue is reportedly fell into the sea,
Colossus of Rhodes is one of The Seven Wonders of the World. About the Colossus of Rhodes there is no authentic documentation but only myths and legends.

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