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Greetings from Rovinj
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On the west Istrian coast, at the foot of the Lim channel is the most romantic place in the Mediterranean. Rovinj is just the right destination for romantic souls who are looking for the sentimental atmosphere of time that are irretrievably gone. Rovinj began its romantic life on the island, whose small space caused building of narrow houses, narrow streets and small squares, and till today they are untouched with modern urbanism.

Walk along these streets leads directly into the past and it is not so simple to resist. On the sea side Rovinj is protected by high rock coast and walls of houses built on the cliffs, and to the land with massive walls. When you enter through „Balbijev luk“ (Balby’s bow) into the old town it seems that you have came in completly another time dimension. All roads lead to Rome,as well as all streets in Rovinj go to the top of the hill to Saint Euphemia’s basilica, the largest and the most important monument in the town. The Saint Euphemia’s basilica is a baroque building, built in the Venetian style and it is dedicated to the saint whose sarcophagus arrived in Rovinj in eight centuries. St Euphemia’s day is is celebrated in mid-September and it is one of the most important and largest national gathering in Istria, when many palmers from all over the Istria and the coast come in Rovinj. If you are in that period of the year in Rovinj, you schould not miss the unique opportunity to experience traditional festivities that will certainly delight you.

The coast between Rovinj and Lim channel and islands of Rovinj, represents a beautiful landscape with forests of oaks and pines. Cove Palud is an ornithological reserve with more than 200 bird species, and the quarry Monfiorenzo is protected geological monument with the world significancy.

Close by, in the picturesque Kanfanar, can be enjoyed in the taste and aroma in many traditional taverns, where the delicacies of the sea mixed with aromas of Mediterranean forest. After your visit Rovinj, it would be never the first association of this town advertising for tobacco factory, whose advertising slogan we have just dishonourable used.

Tekst: Aleksandar Devetak
Foto: Davor Žilić

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