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Lipica, stud farm of Lipizzaner
Home Sport & recreation Lipica, stud farm of Lipizzaner

Lipica is a village in Slovenia, near the coast and the Italian border, where have been bred, the famous world wide horses Lipizzaner.
Lipica is stud farm founded in 1580, bringing the best horses from Spain and Palestine but also some famous animals like the famous stallion Cordoba or horses from royal stables Frederiksborg brought from Germany and Denmark.

In Lipica there are five racial horse races such as: Pluto, Neapolitan, Conversano, Maestoso and Favory.
Slovenia is a famous in whole world for its horse races, even in a negative context. Namely, in Lipica were bred horses for the Viennese royal stables… Even one of the proposals for a new state flag (too many similarities with the Slovak flag) included a profile of Lipizzaner horses. It is heated debate with Austria about the origin of this race.


It is amazing the fact that the small horses, stallions, born completely black or even green and when they grow up, become completely white which, makes them particularly attractive.

Lipica is a beautiful green oasis with a developed tourism, accommodation capacity and entertainment. Beside riding school here, there are tennis courts and golf courses that makes him very attractive.
Nearby there is the park Škocjanske jame.
The Lipica was visited by the Queen Elizabeth II in 2008.

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