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Kopaonik, Silver Mountain
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Kopaonik is known also as “Silver Mountain”. This mountain, except Belgrade, is the most important tourist destinations in Serbia and one of the most popular ski center that satisfied all international standards.
Ski center Kopaonik is situated on a side of mountain known as “Ravni Kopaonik”where was built the hotel complex, a small town in the old Serbian architecture style.
However, Kopaonik is a unique mountain because small town and hotel complex are on the top of the mountain, not down side of mountain, as is usual in similar international ski centers.
Part of its surface is protected zone proclaimed National Park Kopaonik, comprising abundance of intact nature and beautiful landscape
The National Park Kopaonik is on 11,810 hectares where the number of endemic species is one of the most important centers of endemic flora biodiversity in Serbia.
Within the national park there are the famous places: Jankove bare, Kozje stene, Metodje, Mrkonja, Gobelja, Barska reka, Jelovarnik, Jelak, Samokovska reka, Suvo rudiste, Duboka and Bele stene.

Kopaonik is also knows as “Sunny Mountain”. Kopaonik has between coastal and continental climate so-called a sub-alpine climate . The average annual temperature on the Ravni Kopaonik is 3.7 ° C.
Snow falls with some discrepancies at the end of November and lasts until May, an average of 180 to 230 days a year.
Every tourist, who has ever visited Kopaonik, will remember the spacious mountain pastures, dense coniferous forests, mountain peaks from which you can see half of Serbia, until Bulgaria and Macedonia.
We are truly recommending to you to see the video below, to experience the Kopaonik in words and pictures.

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