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Vrdnik – back to nature
Home Spas Vrdnik – back to nature

A small town Vrdik with about 4,000 inhabitants, situated at the valley streams on the south side of the mountain Fruška gora, with a wavy shape will completely charm you. The Vrdnik is very grateful destination for all those tourists who want to enjoy in the natural beauty and to leave the polluted cities for a moment and with fresh oxygen to treat his lung on the attitude at least 180m and up to 260m.
A walk by its steep streets or trodden ways through the forest, which surrounds the Vrdnik, is really an inspiring experience, and therefore no surprise why is overcrowded every weekend this part of Fruška gora with people from Novi Sad and Belgrade.

manastir vrdnik

The Vrdnik is mentioned primarily as a fortress in 1315th, and only since18 century as a populated place whose population consisted of warriors who defended this area from Turkish invasion. Settlement is built next to Vrdnik monastery, which is known now as Ravanica, and it is still very interesting for tourists who visit Fruška Gora monasteries. It was founded by Prince Lazar and it is interesting the fact that the Ravanica manastery was named after the monastery near Ćuprija, whose monks renewed it after the many burning by Turkish army. At the end of a war they stopped in Vrdnik monastery where they, in the memory of their abandoned and burned monastery, finished the newly renovated monastery and gave to him the same name.

Since 1953. the Vrdnik became interesting for another reason, namely that year in the valley streams discovered springs of mineral and thermal waters.
Realizing the potential of this discovery, the people from this small town have started to use this water in modern methods of healthy treatment, so today Vrdnik, among others, is considered to be spa and recreational Serbian center. Vrdnik spa is with outdoor and indoor pools and saunas, accommodation capacity about 260 beds in rooms and suites and a restaurant with over 350 seats. While parents are swimming or walking, the children would not be bored because next to the spa hotel were built football, basketball and volleyball courts..

Text: Aleksandar Devetak


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