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The Palić Lake
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The Palić Lake and town (Hungarian Palicsi-tó) is situated in the north part of Serbia, near the Hungarian border. The Palić is a tourist center, the summer resort and spa, with a tradition of over 160 years. It is famous for many kinds of tourism and the most famous are as spa, climate, conference and excursion center.

Tram connected the Palić and Subotica and was operating since 1897 until 1972. You can feel on every step grief for this tram so you will certainly hear about this nostalgic story as soon as you arrive. It is worked on it to operate this tram again, hopefully, the tram will again ring Bačka’s plain…

Very good climate conditions, wind direction, thermal water, mud and thermal springs are the reason why the Medical Society of Subotica 1837th proposed to be built on the lake coast thermal bathroom … Since then tourist facilities and capacities developed repeatedly.

While you are spending your time in the Palić, pay attention especially on the architecture inspired by Hungarian folklore. The representative buildings which will certainly make strong impression on you are: the entrance gate, water tower, the women’s “štrand”…

There is one more interesting thing about the Palić Lake: in 1975. it was done its revitalization. The whole lake is emptied by digging channel through which water is expired into the river Tisa. Then excavators cleaned the bottom of mud. The lake is returned in a similar way, filled with water, fishes were returned … and so today we have a new – old Lake Palić.

In the Palić is one of three Zoo in Serbia. The Zoo in Palić is large and beautiful with a variety of exotic animals and thus represents a tourist attraction that complements the content of the tourist offer.

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