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The Herculane Spa, health resort in the neighborhood
Home Spas The Herculane Spa, health resort in the neighborhood

The Herculane Spa (Baile Herculane) is Romanian Spa resort situated near the border with Serbia. It is at 170 m. altitude in the Carpathians, in the picturesque canyon of the River Černe, which flows into the Danube about 30km from here, in the Djerdap gorge.
The Herculane Spa is the most famous spa in Romania and one of the oldest spas of the world. It is one of the first European spas registered officially for the treatment and rehabilitation. According to the legend, Hercules got here an incredible strength to beat Hydra (big snake with nine heads who was killing cattle and people…).

statua Herkulesa

Thermal springs and healing waters of the spa were known to Dacians and Romans who believed in their miraculous and healing.
The Herculane Spa was mentioned first time in 153 at the time of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, for whom is known to be rested and healed in the Herculane.

Herculane spa

However, the Herculane spa became more popular as a tourist center in the 18 century, when it has been modernized and got trendy significant. The Herculane rapidly builds in an impressive architectural style of Austrian Baroque. Regular spa guests become kings and emperors, such as Empress Maria Theresa, Emperor Franz Josef (Franz Joseph) and his wife, Elizabeth-Sisi, Serbian King Aleksandar Obrenović, the Romanian King Carol I from Hohenzollern …
It is completely preserved the first casino in this part of Europe, Pavilion of the imperial villa of the Habsburg monarchy and public baths preserved from Roman times that are still in use today.

Banja herkulane

In the spa there are 19 thermal springs of which the most famous one is Herculean spring of salt water, which is identical to seawater. Some Herculean’s springs have the concentration of sulfur, iodine, calcium and bromine and the temperature of spring water in some sources is extremely high up to 62°C.
Beside thermal water, there are here in spa air more than 2000 negative ions per cm3, corresponding to an altitude of 2000 m! This high concentration of negative ions alleviates the negative effects of stress.
The Herculane Spa has excellent infrastructure and accommodation facilities and is also on the offer lists of several local travel agencies.


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