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When we compare it with the other Balkan countries, Slovenia belongs with its small part to Balkans. Geographically speaking, except Slovenian coastline, test of its territory is located in Central Europe. The Balkan coastline goes to the Italian city Monfalconea (north of Trieste) and it could be said that the Balkan country is Italy with its small part too. However, geopolitically speaking, comparing with Italy, Slovenia could be placed in the Balkan context.

Slovenia, named “Green Piece of Europe,” is a country with extremely beautiful untouched and preserved nature. It is completely satisfied the highest European and international standards in a field of the preservation of the environment .

In Slovenia, there are requirements for all tourism types and branches and it has become Alpine and Mediterranean country at the same time. It is interesting the fact that despite the all this concern about the preservation of nature, in Slovenia there is only one National Park – Triglav. Also, beside Triglav, in Slovenia there are two regional natural parks Kozjansko and Škocjanske pits.

An important tourism part in Slovenia is a mountain and ski tourism. In Slovenia, there are several mountain massifs where are located very good equipped ski trails and ski slopes. The main mountain ranges and massifs are Kamniško – Savinian Alps (highest peak Grintovec 2558 m above sea level) and Julian Alps (highest peak Triglav 2864 m above sea level). However, very famous and well equipped are massifs Karavanke (Stol highest peak 2236 m / above sea level), Pohorje (the highest peak of the “Črni vrh” 1543 m) and the range of wooded mountains that continues Croatian Gorski Kotar, here is the highest peak Slovenski Snežnik 1796 m above sea level. The hamous ski centers are: Bovec, Kranjska Gora, Pohorje Mariborsko, Rogla, Vogel, Cerkno etc.


When we talk about the Slovenian coast, the coastline is not so long but there are many beautiful and authentic cities where tourism is developed to the highest level: Portoroz, Piran, Koper, Strunjan, Ankaran, Izola and Lucy and particular famous are Piran and Portoroz.

Not so far from here, it is situated in the famous horse farm Lipica where it was created the famous horse race “Lipizzaner “. Going further in provinces we come to the regional nature park Škocjanske pit, one of the jewels of the Slovenian underworld.
Slovenia is famous for Postojna Cave all around the world, more about it read here.


Rivers and lakes are Slovenian symbols and among them the famous are Bohinj and Bled lake.
Urban tourism in Slovenia is concentrated in major cities such as Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Ptuj, Celje, Nova Gorica, Velenje and others.

There are many places of historical, cultural and religious significance, among which the most famous are palaces and castles: Castle Betnava, Škofijski castle, Bled castle … Hill near Kranj, Predjama City, Holly Hill-Sveta gora Primorska, Kostanjevica and many others.

Slovenia INFO

Name: The Republic of Slovenia
The political and governmental structure: Parliamentary Republic
Capital: Ljubljana (330,000)
Language: Slovenian (official), Croatian, Serbian, Italian, German
Major cities: Maribor, Kranj, Koper, Velenje
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Religions: Roman Catholic 70.8%, Orthodox, Lutheran, Islamic
Airports: Ljubljana Brnik (LJU) Maribor (MBX), Portorož (POW)
Ports: Koper
Area code (prefix): +386
Time Zone: +1 GMT