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There is only one general rule for Serbia, Serbia is actually the Balkans! All about Balkan is in Serbia! Serbia is in the middle of the Balkan peninsula and it is the only one, which has at least one common thing with the others Balkans countries.

Tourism isn’t  the main industry in Serbia but especially in the last decade it has been hardly worked on its development.

The Serbian capital Belgrade, that is the main tourist center as well, is currently positioned in the world as a hit tourist destination when we talk about so-called urban tourism. Belgrade become famous for its friendly hosts, city sights, unforgettable nightlife and parties.

Larger urban tourist centers in Serbia are Novi Sad, Nis, Subotica

Beside Belgrade, Serbia become famous in the world for Guča and Exit, festivals that have become a unique phenomenon and an important point on the European tourist maps.

As a distinct continental country, Serbia is very well adapted to the forms of tourism that are an alternative to sea destinations, especially when we talk about  spa and rural tourism.

In Serbia there are many thermal springs where were built over 40 spas. Also, beside thermal, there are so many air spa and climatic centers. Among the most popular spas in Serbia, stand out: Vrnjačka Banja, Soko Banja, Palić, Prolom Spa, Vrdnik and many others.

Rural tourism is in the world very modern and popular tourist form and in Serbia it has found particularly “fertile” ground for the development either in terms of rural areas or villages of museum types – ethnic villages, such as: Sirogojno, Tršić or Mećavnik.

Also, in Serbia it is developed mountain tourism, and among the most popular Serbian mountains , there are the most famous: Zlatibor, Zlatar, Stara Planina (The Old mountain), Kopaonik and Tara. Kopaonik is, otherwise, the exclusive ski center with very high standards.

When you come to Serbia, don’t miss to visit the unique world tourist attraction, the museum railway “Sargan Eight”, many ancient monasteries and fortresses among which for its orderliness and tourist attractions particularly stand out following fortress on the Danube: Kalemegdan, Petrovaradin, Smederevo and Golubac.

The Danube River is by itself great tourist attraction and the Danube cruises are unforgettable experience. The famous Đerdap gorge, which is unique in the world, is located on the Danube. In Serbia there are famous following river Sava, Velika Morava, Tisa, etc. too.

In Serbia there are five attractive national parks (Djerdap, Tara, Kopaonik, Šar planina and Fruška gora) and many special nature reserve: Zasavica, Uvac Karađorđevo, Deliblatska peščara, Vlasinsko lake or already celebrated Devil’s town.

Serbia can be proud of its cultural tourism as well: Castles of Vojvodina (Fantast, Dunđerski, Čelarevo …), monasteries ((Žiča, Manasija, Mileševa, Studenica, monasteries in Fruška gora, monasteries in Ovčarsko-Kablarska gorge etc). This tourist segment  includes cities as following:  Sremski Karlovci, Subotica, Sombor, Smederevo, and many others.

Important roads are international routes E70 and E75

Serbia INFO

Name: Republic of Serbia
The political and governmental structure: Parliamentary Republic
Capital: Belgrade (2 million)
Language: Serbian
Major cities: Niš, Novi Sad, Subotica
Currency: Dinar (RSD)
Religions: Orthodox 65%, Islam 15%
Airports: Nikola Tesla (BEG), Constantine the great (LYNI)
Ports: Belgrade (river)
Area code (prefix): +381
Time Zone: +1 GMT