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Hum – The smallest town in the world
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There was a legend that the town Hum became by accident – the giants who built the surrounding towns in the valley of the river “Mirna” decided to use rest of stones and built a miniature city.
However, history says that 11th century was of crucial significance for the development of Hum as it is today. At that time Istria was under the Frankish kingdom, on the ruins of old fortifications built Hum castle and then with his first series of future town houses.

Hum panorama

Hum is considered to be the smallest city in the world with his 17 inhabitants!
The narrow stone streets speak the old knight story, spirit of the past and history feels everywhere. Now Hum is a monument of that time.
Today Hum is a unique town – it is a specific monument within the stone walls that is one of the few saved of urban development.
Starting from 11 century to the present, it wasn’t built anything outside of the city walls except only one building constructed in 1892, where was Italian school.
Hum is well known by his frescoes with biblical themes, a unique art work created by unknown author in the 12th century.

Najmanji grad na svijetu

Hum is known also by Glagolitic priest Alley- 11 stylized sculptures that are dedicated to an old letter, placed along 7 km long way between Hum and Rocha.
There is a very interesting local custom: election of mayor. Every year in July every man from the city in the City Lodge participates in mayor election. The custom is very old but it is rebuilt in 1977. After the ceremony the old mayor of a district announced a new one that takes keys of the smallest city in the world. Every election follows the national celebration with traditional folk dance that are particularly interesting to tourists.


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