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Groznjan – “The town of artists”
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Groznjan-Grisignana is a little town in north-west part of Istria, about 15km away from the sea, with rich history, tradition and cultural heritage,…
Groznjan is still one of several similar colorful towns inside of the Istrian peninsula. It is located at the top of the hill above the beautifull valley of the river “Mirna”,as well as Motovun, Hum, Opatrlj …

panorama groznjana

“The city of Artists” is a synonym and a second name for Groznjan.
The story of “The city of Artists” begun in 1965 when it started up the restoration project abandoned town Groznjan.
In fact, Groznjan shared the fate with some other similar towns and is completely abandoned and dilapidated. The streets were covered with weeds and old house completely dilapidated … Groznjan turned into horror and ghost town and its middle century look and character only strengthened that impression.
That fateful year 1965 on the invitation of the government, in Groznjan came artists from all countries of the former common state as well as from countries around the world. In the houses, they received from govenment for a lifetime usage, they opened its galleries, studios, organized the Art Colony, held concerts,… This was and still is way of living “The city of Artists” even Groznjan is experiencing its new prosperity today.

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  1. Jose Prelaz says:

    Creo que la belleza no alcanza como calificativo para Grisignana, es otro la
    sensibilidad que despierta.Para mi Esposa y para mi fue otra cosa, nos movio
    a traves de todos los sentidos.(R.O.del Uruguay – Sud America).

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