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If it is your first thought about Romania on the dictator Ceausescu or “that side of iron curtain” immediately forget it as well as all previous impressions of this country. It’s time to get new impressions about Romania!
“Iron Curtain“ has been replaced by the European Union long ago and you can see it once you pass the border: excellent roads, arranged environment and preserved nature, investments in all segments of the economy, especially tourism. Indeed, unexpected surprise in eastern Europe and the eastern Balkans!
Certainly Romania does have something to present to tourists, starting with the capital Bucharest, who is often compared, no less than with Paris. However, Bucharest is not the equivalent of Paris, but it is the jewel for itself, a unique and unforgettable …

Perhaps it is known more for Transylvania with its castles and legends as tourist attractions than for Bucharest. By the legend, whose main acter is Count Dracula, has travel around the whole world and made known Romania and attractive as well for this unusual type of tourism and levy fear into your bones … This statement is better illustrated the fact that of all the tourists who visit Romania, 90 percent visit Dracula’s town Sighisoara, his house of birth and castle Bran
The city Timisoara takes special place of Romanian cities as attractive tourist destinations. It is pearl of urban architecture and multi-ethnic life. More about Timisoara you can read here.
When we talk about natural beauty, the most representative destination is the Danube delta, where the Danube bend and empties into the Black Sea. The Danube delta is a protected natural resource so rich with different kind of specimens of flora and fauna, especially birds and fish, swamps plants, etc.

When it comes to the Romanian coast, do not judge about it until you feel all of its charm and beauty. The Romanian coast is characterized by warm clime, positive atmosphere and long sandy beaches. The big city Constanta is the center of the Romanian coast. However, Romania’s most popular sea destiantion is famous Mamaja. Of course, there are also and some other destinations such as Eforije Nord, Eforije Sud, Kostinesti, and those that got their names after the goddess: Olimp, Neptun, Saturn, Jupiter, Aurora, Venus and Mangalia.
Romania’s ski centers are some other story. They are concentrated around the city Brasov in the Carpathian Mountains. The most famous are Pojana Brasov and Sinaia.
It is time to explore Romania and devote to its charms and beauty. You can start just right here on this portal.

Romania INFO

Name: The Republic of Romania
The political and governmental structure: Parliamentary republic
Capital: Bucharest (2.4 million)
Language: Romanian
Major cities: Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara
Currency: Ley (RON)
Religions: Orthodox 70%, Roman Catholic 6%, Protestant 6%
Airports: Bucharest Baneasa (BBU) Bucharest Otopeni (OTP), Timisoara (TSR), Constanta (CND), Arad (ARW), Craiova (CRA)
Ports: Constance (saltwater), Galatia, Braila (river)
Area code (prefix): ++40
Time Zone: +2 GMT