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Photo contest on Facebook

“ViaBalkans photo contest” on Facebook

Participate in photo contest “ViaBalkans photo contest” for the best tourist photo!
Theme of this photo contest is “Balkan/Turism”, the author of the winning photo will win a prize camera Canon Power Shot A495

“ViaBalkans photo contest” starts at 01.05 and ends 31.05.2011.
The main goal of this photo contest is searching for the most beautiful travel photo from Balkan area. Take your chance to participate in the photo contest ViaBalkans and your name and work will be published. There are only a few conditions for the photos: photos must belong to the tourist-travel photos and on the photo must be some area, event, custom which are characteristic for 11 countries on the Balkan Peninsula and sending photos authors guarantee that the photo is their work and assume all responsibility for publishing.


Right to participate on the ViaBalkans photo contest you will get if you post photo at the wall of the Facebook fan page of the portal or just sending your photo on the email With photo, write its name, your name and a description of the photo (what is it, where it was taken …).
Our administrator will place your photos in next 48 hours (often earlier) making special album at the fan page whether they were sent by email or were posted directly at the wall. Everyone can participate in the ViaBalkans photo contest sending maximum 6 photos. Send us your favorite photos and invite your friends to “like” them. Photos will be qualified if they are 5 times “liked” (it is not too much if you admit), maybe your photo with your name win this contest!
The prize of the “ViaBalkans photo contest” is camera Canon Power Shot A495 and it will be assigned after the end of the contest to the winner for one photo selected by jury of the portal The number of “like” and comments don’t affect to the election of the most beautiful photo because on that way it could be manipulated but still each of the photo must collect 5 “like” to qualify.

Photos that are submitted to the contest will not be returned.
Participating in a contest, authors guarantee that the photo is their work and assume all responsibility in case they turn out differently. Participants give their consent to transfer the right to the organizers of the contest to use photos – travel portal and
Authors keep their rights for the copyright over their work and it is allowed to the organizers of the competition to use them as illustrations for their articles etc.
Organizers are not responsible for possible abuse (copy, unauthorized disclosure of the submitted photos). Also, the organizer keeps the right not to publish photos of inappropriate content and in a case of irregularities to disqualify and to delete without prior notice or explanation. Sending photos for the contest an administrator will be allow to correct the color, contrast, as well as to change the size and shape, to cut some parts to make photos attractive as much as it is possible and to adapt the format required for the publication on the portal


* Tourist photography is usually that photo, which make tourists during their holidays from the amateur’s, professional’s to the artistic. These photos were taken mostly unplanned and accidentally. It is very close to the landscape, panorama and photo-journalism, which is used in tourism purposes. In tourist photography there is usually tourist attractions, events, or picturesquely described tradition, life and customs in an interesting and tourist attractive places… The main goal of tourist photography is to show in a beautiful, interesting and original way everything that will attract the potential tourists to visit certain tourist destination.