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Santorini, the myth of Atlantis
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Black pearl of the Aegean Sea
Santorini is one of the most attractive Greek islands and most illustrative of the all island in Cyclades archipelago with a distinctive pure white houses and small churches with blue domes, interesting history and excellent cuisine.
Nowhere, there is so interesting play of colors and landscapes: white houses as a symbol Cyclades archipelago are on the top of black volcanic rocks and beaches of dark, red and white sand- nice contrast. Sunset on Santorini is an unique experience, that is the most wonderful and richest colors throughout the whole Greece.
Santorini’s origin emerged volcanic eruption that happened in prehistoric times in the late Bronze Age. Very warm lava destroyed the previous island. By the legend the previous island civilization was highly developed and later on those basis created the myth of Atlantis. You will believe that the myth is real and true, according to the beauty of successor famous Atlantis. If the story is at least partly true, says the fact that the waves, caused by the Santorini eruption, destroyed the Minoan civilization on Crete.


Santorini was previously named Strongyle (Round and Kalliste -The most beautiful) but now is named after the chapel of Sts. Irene (Santa Irene). Rich history of Santorini is the most evident at two archaeological locations: Akrotiri – the remains of prehistoric Thera, and Mesa Vouno – an ancient Greek city.
The capital of the island Thira or Fira is situated at 900 meters above sea level. In the Thira (Firi) there is a Museum, Archaeological Museum and the Museum of National cultura.
The island is well known for many churches and chapels – even 352! Most of them are made by seamen, as a gratitude to the saint whose aid rescued them from storms.
On the south and southeast part of the island there are the famous beaches of which each one is in its own way unique and unrepeatable. The most famous beach of the island are Perivolos, Peris, Kamari (Black beach, about 8 km long), Amudi ( it takes 214 steps from the village to the beach), Monolitos, Armeni, Kokin (Red beach). A special attraction is the Caldera bay, which is shaped as a crescent but actually it is a volcanic crater filled with sea water.

otok santorini

One of the attractions of Santorini is riding on donkeys on the steep stairs and narrow streets of the island’s places. Another unusual thing about Santorini is that you can see brides and bridegrooms “on every corner”… In fact, the Santorini is famous for weddings and couples from all over the world who come here to get married and have that ceremonial act and it is not surprising because it is known for the romance sunsets, the atmosphere, and its originality …

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