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The Buna spring
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The Buna spring is a natural tourist attraction and one of the most visited tourist destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
It is not so far from the town-village Blagaj (only 7 km from Mostar) in Herzegovina.
The Buna spring that is source of river Buna is one of the largest and most beautiful springs in Europe. It’s producing about 30 m3/sec. extremly clear water.
It is particularly interesting place where water appears and flows from the depths of the cave in the gorge at the foothill of Hum … simply unforgettable view and experience!


The source of the river Buna is located 64m above sea and the river is totally 9 km long, when it flows into the Neretva.
Beside the spring and the cave it is located Tekija, old building built in the Balkan style. It completely fits in surrounding and create the impression of the inseparability of the entire nature. It is unkonown year when it was built by the dervishes, that belongs to Baktasi order (srb. „Baktašijski red“ ) and its most famous founder was the famous Acık Pasha, whose grave is located in Tekija.
A special attraction is the spring sailing with boat inside the cave and an unique experience for the adventurer is climbing up the winding path to the walls of the Stephen’s town, from where is a magnificent panoramic view of the whole valley.
It was written about Blagaj origin for the first time in the 10 centery in the writings of Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porfirogenet as two cities (fortress) Hum and Bona, located on the hill Hum under which comes river Bona (Buna). Probable those two cities are so-called fortress Blagaj- Stephen’s town and roman observation – Small town. This whole area was named later Zahumlje country or Hum.
Below the fortress there are the remains of the former palace Bisce (srb. „Bišče“ ), from where ruled the Bosnian king Tvrtko I. Also, there dwelt a famous founder of Herceg Novi, Herceg Stjepan Vukcic Kosaca (srb.„Herceg Stjepan Vukčić Kosača“), who led the country to the top of political and economic power with the trade development as well as development of mining and handicrafts.

kula Blagaj

There is also a mystery that through the history hasn’t been figured out and related to the title Herceg Stjepan, the title of the duke. It is assumed that he gave to himself duke title and the entire area was called after him – Herzegovina!
There is also legend related to the Herceg Stjepan treasure that was buried somewhere … so the city got its name after Herceg Stjepan treasure (srb. „blago“) Blagaj.
There are still lot of legends related to this area and the Buna spring, such as a secret passage throuhg which Herceg went to the cave.
If you follow the trail of legends you’ll have an unforgettable journey what you for sure didn’t expect of this place.
If you have time to travel through Herzegovina, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Blagaj and the Bune spring.

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