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The Veles Lake
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The Veles Lake, also known as Mladost (Youth) Lake in Macedonia, is an artificial reservoir, located north of the little town Veles, on the land belonging to the Republic of Macedonia. From the Veles there is a local road passing by the dam that leads to the coast. Around the lake there are tourist facilities, recently opened to the tourist visit, modern motels that provide all catering services and recreational activities which make satisfied all visitors taste.

Comparing the Veles Lake with the Ohrid Lake and Dojran Lake, it is very little but still big enough to provide good tourist service, pleasure and entertainment to the whole family, especially children. The water is not too deep and is ideal for swimming in the warm summer months. Local people are very hospitable and give a special emphasis on local traditional cuisine, with a menu that satisfied everyone’s culinary tastes. Proudly stands out “ajvar” as one of truly local specialties with the indispensably cold watermelon as a dessert.

The beaches around the lake are beautiful and clean, and there is a promenade on the Lake coast leading to the nearby forest, representing an ideal place for long walks in the afternoon because the temperature is here is much lower due to almost the minimum sunlight through the thick leafy trees. Listening the comments of those people who has already spent their holidays on the Veles lake, this is still undiscovered, a really high-quality resort, at a beautiful location, with an excellent tourist offer, for everyone’s pocket.

Written by: Aleksandar Devetak

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