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The Una river, ’’unique and the only one’’
Home Natural attractions Rivers & lakes The Una river, ’’unique and the only one’’

Once someone said: “It is blessed the land whose borders are rivers Drina and Una!

Una is a river that most of their flow is between Bosnia and Croatia. The Una river become its name by the Latin word una – one, the only one.

Una’s spring is in Lika in the valley between the mountains Plješevice and Stražbenice and it is about 450 m above see level, and empties into the Sava near Jasenovac into which poured almost 8 billion cubic meters of water per year! The total length of the flow is about 212 km.

The Una’s spring irresistibly remined us on a greenish blue color of the lake around which are high limestone rocks. A very cold spring water emerges with the vast power and only 20m away is the first waterfall.

Una in its upper flow has all characteristics of mountain river and water in this part to Martinbroda is a first category of quality. Further the water quality is II category.

The first large waterfall is located near Martinbrod, located at the bottom of the canyon at the mouth of the Uvac into Una river. Right here is the place where the Una river is the most beautiful with almost unbelievable views. Sedra has created a waterfall 55m high and a lot of rapids, channels and islands.

Traditionally, here is held Una’ regatta (international tourist kayak race) and all over the Europe Martinbrod is known for rafting, and for all sports required fast water flow.
Here, nearby is a beautiful Orthodox monastery Rmanj and Milance tower, dating from Roman times.

Rafting unom

Second well known waterfall is Štrbački Buk, located on the Croatian side, just near the state border. Štrbački Buk is consists of several waterfalls. The bigest is about 25m high.
Una become famous throug the whole Europe by rafting, this exciting sport discipline.

In the Una river there are 28 different kinds of fish, some of them reach the weight over 30kg. On the river cost there are almost two hundred different species of plants and one of them is a rare plant Unensis Campania, known as “Unska Zvončica“.

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