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The Prespa Lake
Home Natural attractions Rivers & lakes The Prespa Lake

The Prespa Lake consists of actually two lakes, big and small. They represent a natural border between Albania, Greece and Macedonia in a wild and untouched mountain zone, which is characterized by large emigrations.

In the region Mala Prespa in Albania, there are nine villages with about 5000 people, some of whom identify themselves as Bulgarians, and others as Macedonians. Villages have double names: Gorna Gorica / Gorica Madh, Dolna Gorica / Gorica Vogel, and so on. The Mala Prespa (in Albanian: Liqenas) is the natural reserve where live pelicans, geese and fishes. There are no hotels here and nature is preserved. The roads here are worse than in neighbor Greece, but it is obvious development. In almost every place on the coast today are small hotels. The mountain terrain in the area is not so fertile and it is difficult to satisfy all the life necessities, so the further development of tourism in this region of Albania will bring to all many benefits.

Across the Pustec is the island Mali grad where is the church “Holy Mother of God” from the 15th century, protected as an important cultural facility. In village Glubočani live about a hundred people and forty houses. Near the lake is the famous hotel “Vasil”. Nearby village Dolna Gorica and near the coast of the lake there are plenty of fishes, so it is a paradise for fishermen. There are about three hundred people living here and two hotels were recently opened. In late September, at the harvest time, yards are full of fresh harvested grapes to make wine and brandy.

Although area around the Prespa lake is still relatively undeveloped, it has truly a great potential, and is a typical example of rural tourism in Albania, because of its natural beauty, with an excellent disposition that will soon become one of the most interesting tourist destinations in this part of the Balkans.


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