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The Dojran Lake, a paradise for fishermen
Home Natural attractions Rivers & lakes The Dojran Lake, a paradise for fishermen

Doiran Lake is the smallest tectonic lake in Macedonia. It is situated in southeastern Macedonia, covering an area of 43.1 km ². The western part of the lake belongs to Macedonia and eastern to Greece.
Level of the lake is situated at an altitude of 148 meters. It is a shallow lake with a maximum depth of about 10 m. The Doiran Lake is known as a paradise for fishing lovers (those with permission, of course), as well as for the national and international competitions in this sport which are held here every year.

Besides tThe he natural beauty of the Dojran Lake surrounded with the forest, this part of Macedonia is very attractive and interesting also to tourists who spend their holidays here because of its warm climate and fertile land for the growth of tropical fruits, exotic plants and trees, therefore containing many botanical gardens.
If you decide to escape from the city crowd to have a holiday in this natural beauty, you will hear from the local people an interesting story about the name and origin of this lake. In a place where is today the Dojran Lake, was once an extensive valley with rich pastures and varied gardens. According to the legend, there was created suddenly a river spring. On a glad, overlooking the valley lived a girl Dojrana. She was beautiful and every men fell in love with her but unfortunately a Turkish soldier Kaimakan was too.
Beautiful Dojrana could not imagine herself being a Turkish bride. But Kaimakan didn’t give up so easily. He followed her on every step. Dojrana was found in the hopeless position, didn’t want to fall into the Kaimakan’s hands and finally decided to throw herself into the newly created river spring. Water has accepted her innocent body and flooded the entire valley from grief and created the present lake, named after her.

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