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Bled Island, Slovenia’s only one
Home Natural attractions Rivers & lakes Bled Island, Slovenia’s only one

We have already written about the Bled Lake earlier but we didn’t described the Bled Island designedly because we believe that it deserves an article completely dedicated to itself. Above the surface of the Bled Lake rises the only right island in Slovenia. In the river bed, which origin is from the Ice age, there are the remains of a limestone hill covered with trees. The island has a particularly important role in the prehistoric ages, described by a famous poet Franc Presern. It could be reached to the island by a particular kind of covered boat called “pletna”. This type of bouts drawing by a rower with two paddles can be seen perhaps only in Bled.

Ostrvo Bled

At the top of the island there is an old medieval church with a separate bell tower on the baroque roof and ancillary facilities. Protectorate was built in the 17th century, and a century later Vicariate. On the South side of the island there are steps built in Baroque style with 99 steps.
Details of church frescoes were painted with scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary: the story of Joachim and Anna in the northern part of the wall, as well as scenes from Mary’s Visitation in the South. Experts are convinced that these paintings were created under the influence of the Bolfgang school 1470th year. The main Baroque altar was carved in 1474, and the others three altars are from 1699 and were done in the workshop of Michael Cusa. Paintings on these altars are works of the Venetian school of artists.

In the lobby of the church there is a smaller stone collection, where has been preserved the original cross of the bishop of Ljubljana Hrena. On the floor there are the glass open spaces of the archaeological presentation designed by architect Tone Bitenc in the fifties of the last century. For tourists it is very interesting on the island “bell desire” too, which beats has been still ticking since 1534th year.

Text: Aleksandar Devetak
Foto: Slađana Maksimović

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