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Pamukkale, “Cotton fortress”
Home Natural attractions Pamukkale, “Cotton fortress”

Pamukkale, one of the most interesting and most unusual places in the world, certainly is the most significant natural symbol of Turkey.
Pamukkale become a global tourist attraction, attracting every year more and more visitors.
Pamukkale means “cotton fortress”. Some people believes that the name is motivated with cliffs and terraces, but according to local legend the giants dried cotton here in a past …


When you look at the photos from Pamukkale at first you will think it is a snowy terraces or frozen waterfalls …
Pamukkale are actually series of cascading terraces on sloping ground. At the top there are sources of warm water with high level of minerals especially calcium that flow down on cascades and create a pools with warm water on the terraces. Through the centuries calcium subsided on the surface of the main “culprit” for white “cotton” look of the terrain. Cascades cover an area of 2.5 km in length and 0.5 km wide.
By the one of legends, it is enough to spend only 10 minutes in the water (with temperature and over than 35°Celsius) and you will be younger 5 years.
In Pamukkaleu there are beyond natural, several cultural and historical attractions and sights and the most famous is the ancient Roman amphitheater of Hierapolis which has a storage capacity of about 7.000 places.
There are some other sights also, such as the Temple of Apollo, a museum that kept a collection of objects excavated in the territory of ancient Hierapolis and the Basilica from the 6th century.
It is believed that the city of Hierapolis, on whose territory abandoned long ago, is Pamukkale , was founded by one of the kings of Pergame in the 2nd century BC.
It is definitely worth the effort to go on all-day excursion in Pamukkaleu during whom you will visit Cleopatra’s warm sources (30-60 C)!


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