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The river Krka, National Park
Home Natural attractions National parks The river Krka, National Park

National Park Krka is famous for waterfalls, lakes and river caves. The river Krka waterfalls are the main attraction. There are in total seven waterfalls on the river Krka and they are along the whole river.
The most famous are: cascades “Skradinski buk” and “waterfall Roski” (Roskam waterfall).
There are impressive and so powerful waterfalls: Manojlovacki cascade, cascade Miljacka and cascade Rosnjak and they are in a magnificent canyon. Along the river Krka, there are hundred caves and make this river beauty even more attractive and exciting.

Vodopadi Krke

On the river Krka there is also the hydroelectric power station, second by its construction age in the world, only three days younger than those at Niagara Falls.
The river is extremely dynamic and diverse. Starting with its spring to its delta you can meet entirely different landscapes: canyons, gorges, valleys, river lakes, waterfalls … They are especially attractive picturesque mills (known as Mlinice) in the Krka that are used for grinding corn and wheat.
Special cultural and religious dimension of this place give Orthodox Monastery Krka and Franciscan Monastery Visovac. Monastery Visovac is especially picturesque because it is on a small island in the middle of the river lake. Monastery Visovac, from 15th century, keeps precious master pieces, which represent a cultural treasure.
Monastery Krka was established in 1345th. It was found by Serbian princess Jelena, sister of Emperor Dusan and wife of Croatian Prince Mladen II Subic. Monastery Krka has been for a long time the most significant spiritual and cultural center of the Orthodox Church in Dalmatia.

River Krka flows near Knin and empties into the Adriatic Sea near Omis. The total fall of the river from its spring to mouth is 242 meters. Krka was proclaimed a National park in 1985 and it is seventh in a row of national parks in Croatia.
Beside the monastery, among all cultural and historical sights there are here the ancient city Burnum and medieval fortresses: Necven city, Trosen city, Bogicin city etc.
In tourism meaning there are particularly popular organized tours that started from the coast. While you are driving the boat upstream the river from the Adriatic coast you’ll get to the Skradinski buk , the most famous of all the Krka waterfalls. Also you will see many attractions and sights. These tours are extremely popular, and certainly you will not regret it if you decide to get one of them. Unfortunately, Krka, isn’t furthermore navigable, but if you are adventurous, go on further, or look for some other organization.

It is particularly popular rafting on the river Krka, which is organized daily during the tourist season.
If you spend your holidays in Sibenik and its surroundings, do not miss the opportunity to go on an excursion or an adventure on the river of Krk.


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