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The National Park Mavrovo
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In 1948th Nacionalni park Mavrovo was declared National Park and by its size it is one of three national parks in Macedonia. National park Mavrovo covers an area of 73,088 hectares The mountains Korab and Dešat, southwestern part of Šar Mountain, the largest part of Bistra and northern parts of Krcina belog to National park Mavrovo. The central part of the National park Mavrovo is the valley of the river Radić.

In the National park Mavrovo there are many interesting morphological forms: river valleys, gorges, waterfalls, caves, depressions, glacial lakes, and many other interesting geographical phenomena that are characteristic for this region. National park Mavrovo is famous for beech forest that is covers most of its area. A result of a combination of fertile land and ideal climate conditions -temperature with enough percent of moisture, is certainly great floristic wealth in National Park Mavrovo, which consists of over 1,000 kind of plants, more than 38 % are trees and bushes and more than 60% are endemic, relic and rare plants species.

Nacionalni park Mavrovo

In National Park Mavrovo there are fifty plant species that can be seen only here from all Macedonian area. It is very various animal world , consisting of 140 birds kinds and the most important are: peregrine falcon, eagle Krstač, golden eagle, as well as 11 kinds of amphibians, 12 reptiles and 38 mammals kinds, of which the most representative examples are bears, lynxes, chamois and wild cats. In the water parts of the National park Mavrovo there are different kind of fish, and improvised spawning places, where fish spawn to be released finally in Macedonian rivers.

Photo: Fabian Vendrig
Text: A. Devetak


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