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The National Park Fruška Gora
Home Natural attractions National parks The National Park Fruška Gora

The Fruška gora proudly rises up above Vojvodina’s plain.It is located near Novi Sad and as the opposite of this stuffy city on the Danube, in the middle of Vojvodina is the Fruška gora -this natural jewel that has the epithet “the lungs of Vojvodina“ and certainly represents ideal place for rehabilitation.
The Fruška Gora was declared in 1960 a National Park. The highest peaks are Crveni čot, Orlovac and famous tourist center Iriški venac.

The Fruška Gora is green oasis and on its hillsides 300 meters above see level there are forests with various tree kind, particularly oak tree, beech and lime and more than 50 protected plant species are is growing here. There are many wild animals and archaeological places here as well. The Fruška Gora consists of isolated island hills in the Pannonian Plain, in the south and north part it is a very jagged with river flows.
Pasture and fertile land, vineyards and orchards, adorn depression of the Fruška Gora.

Manastir Ravanica, Vrdnik

Manastir Ravanica, Vrdnik

The most interesting tourist aspect of the Fruška Gora are monasteries. Monasteries are a unique group of religious objects made in the period from 15 to 18 century.
In that time was built 35 monasteries and till today are saved 16 of them, and as a cultural and historical heritage are protected by UNESCO. Through the history these monasteries have represented a symbol of Serbian national resistance to the Turkish Empire and defenders of great national heritage, perpetuated in sacral art and architecture, protected the spirit and the collective memory of the people. The monasteries are located in the area of 50 kilometers lenght and 10 kilometers width. During the five centuries they were the maintained the spiritual and political life of the Serbs. Built in a period of great Serbian migrations, monasteries became centers that were cared the cult of the last Serbian despotic family Branković, following the example of the old dynasty Nemanjic as a historical model.

Written by: Aleksandar Devetak
Foto: Beautiful Serbia: J. Savić, S. Gudurić

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