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The Galičica National Park
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Due to its exceptional natural beauty and characteristic flora and fauna, forests and forest areas, the area of about 22,750 hectares, belonging to the Galičica Mountain, was in 1958 declared a National Park. The Galičica National Park is located in the farthest, the southwestern part of Macedonia, between two lakes – Ohrid and Prespa, and it is not known only for its characteristic position but to its interesting geomorphological forms (with deep valleys, various rubbles and an impressive mixture of green areas and absolute devastated areas).

The Galičica National Park is particularly known for its rich flora. In this area there are representatives of almost all plant species in Macedonia. Some species are unique to the Galičica region, off which the hosts are particularly proud. There are over 37 plant communities, of which 20 are belonging to the wood. The Galičica National Park offers to visitors samples of 20 species of classic examples of higher plants (Cormophitae) of which, of 12 species, grows only in mountain areas and on the coast of the Ohrid and Prespa Lakes.
It is registered over 26 endemic species of animals in the Galičica National Park. Especially interesting is the number of butterflies – even 1644 species, which is a huge concentration in one such small area. According to the numerical representation of 30 species of amphibians and reptiles, the Galičica National Park is approximately at the same level as parks of some developed Central European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, etc.). It was presented in the park 266 species of birds, representing 84% of the total Macedonian ornithological world, and mammals – 51 species, representing 62% of the total mammal world in Macedonia.

Text: Aleksandar Devetak

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