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Lovćen, the mountain and National park
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The mountain Lovćen rises above the ancient coastal town Kotor making a beautiful shield of the Boka Kotorska Bay. The Lovćen is not only a mountain. The Lovćen National Park encompasses the central and the highest part of the mountain Lovćen and covers an area of 6,220 ha. It was proclaimed a national park in 1952.
The Lovćen with its cultural-historical heritage represents to Montenegrins a sacred place as similar as the Olympus to ancient Greeks or Ararat mountains to Armenians – sacred place.
It is also a historical place, where is an old capital Cetinje and where is still the president’s residence.


A special attraction is the old road leading from Kotor to the picturesque mountain village Njeguši, famous Lovćen serpentine, which is a kind of architectural relic. The village Njeguši are known for the houses in which were born Petar II Petrović Njegoš and the last ruler of Montenegro the King Nikola I Petrović
At the Lovćen peak there is the Njegoš mausoleum where was buried the Petar II Petrović Njegoš, an important Montenegro’s ruler and poet. The Njegoš mausoleum is the cultural monument of historical significant value, built at Jezerski peak, a place chosen by this eminent poet and philosopher for his rest.
Climbing the stairs to the Njegoš mausoleum, terrace and view points are special experiences…
The legend says that the Montenegro’s king outwitted Sultan seeking freedom and independence for Montenegro. Then the Sultan was explained by the Montenegro’s king that Montenegro is entire territory that could be seen from the top of the mountain Lovćen … Thinking that it could not be seen so big territory from the top of that “hill”, the Sultan gave promise to Montenegro’s king, and only later realized that he was outwitted…
This legend describes in a figurative way how far views go and how beautiful they are…
They say that from Lovćen can be seen Italy when it is clear skies early in the morning.
A famous German geographer Kurt Hasert described these Lovćen views on the best way:
“The whole Montenegro is lying in front of us as on some relief map. Here, the sun played with waves in Boka Kotorska Bay, moving them easily, on the other side there is shining surface of the lake Skadarsko jezero, and view is lost in the horizon of blue Adriatic Sea. The Albanian Alps rises up in the wild nature and the coastal mountain Rumija. The view is going through the endless rows of chains and valleys, while in the background snow-topped peaks of the mountains Durmitor and Komovi were sending us greetings. The capital of Montenegro, Podgorica rises up on the green plains. It was really hard to move away from these powerful and magnificent images. ”
When Bernard Shaw saw the Katunska nahija from this place, he called him Kameno more (Stone Sea).
The Lovćen offers rich national ethnographic motifs and elements of popular ethno architecture. There are the old houses and rural ”guvna“ which are authentic as well as the cottages in ”katuns“ – summer settlements of cattlebreeders.
Very various biological systems in the mountain Lovćen are result of two different climates: Mediterranean and continental.

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