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The Tara Canyon

The Tara River, known as “European tear” magnifies the beauty of Montenegro. A beautiful, clear, bright green Drina certainly would not be like that if it didn’t come from the rivers Tara and Piva…
The Tara River with its pure water has completely all characteristic of mountain river… but if we freely give to Tara all known epithets, we will not overact… But what makes the river Tara the most famous is its magnificent canyon!
The Tara River canyon is considered to be the deepest in Europe and on the planet takes second silver place. Bigger and more famous is only the Colorado River canyon in North America.
However, I dare to write that, however does it sound, the Tara River is more beautiful than the Colorado. Comparing with the famous and wild the Colorado Canyon, the Tara River Canyon is extremely lively and green with lush vegetation, evergreen and deciduous flora. The water in the canyon and along the whole flow of the river is first class and is completely safe to drink!

Kanjon Tare

In the Tara Canyon there are about eighty caves that are not explored enough and in some of them has been proofed the existence of life in prehistoric times.

The Tara canyon is one of the local oasis untouched nature and reserve for many endemic and relict species of plants and animals. All this was a sufficient reason that this emerald became a member of UNESCO’s program “Man and Biosphere” in 1977.
A few years later, in the same time when Durmitor was declared a National Park, the Tara River Canyon became also a National Park and included in UNESCO’s World Heritage as well. It should be noted that Tara met three conditions: geological, hydrological and biological phenomena (to be on the list it must be filled just one).


The canyon is about 60 km long and its average depth is 1073m but in some places about 1300m. The biggest measured depth of the canyon is 1333m. The Tara canyon is one of several canyons that surround the mountain and the National park Durmitor (the Tara Canyon, the canyon of the river Komarnica, the Drage Canyon, The Sušica canyon and the canyon of the river Piva)

Special tourist attraction certainly is rafting on Tara.
An article “Tara rafting” we expect soon in category Activities – Adventure

Written by: Miroslav Bronzic

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