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The Uvac Canyon, known for Griffon Vulture habitat
Home Natural attractions Canyons, gorges and caves The Uvac Canyon, known for Griffon Vulture habitat

The canyon of the river Uvac is nature rezerve in south-western Serbia and certainly is one of the most beautiful area. The Uvac Canyon is one of a few remaining habitats of Griffon Vulture, rare birds of vulture eagles. Its fluvial course is extremely winding. The Uvac canyon is so picturesque with countless meanders and caves … right place for wild adventure.
The Canyon Uvac is wedged between two “gold” mountain: Zlatibor and Zlatar. The river Uvac is about 100km long and passes through a part of this famous canyon where the river makes picturesque meanders that you can observe from a cliff in the vicinity or directly from the river, while you are sailing with a boat. In any case, you should not miss to see the canyon Uvac from as many angles and perspectives as you can. Photos and impressions are always different, unique …
If you are going in a sightseeing with a boat, you can explore some of the many caves which are certainly with its natural beauty significant characteristic of this region.
On the river there are four artificial lakes. At the entrance of the canyon there is the first lake with extremely pure water, which is especially popular for fishing and swimming. Also, the coast of the lake is ideal for camping.

Bjeloglavi Sup

The Uvac canyon is the habitat of Griffon Vulture, one of many others eagle vultures, living this area. Nineties they were on the edge of extinction but now there are over 300 individuals. Thanks to the Fund for the Birds Protection of Prey Foundation “Griffon Vulture” from Nova Varoš, it has been saved this habitat from extinction. Due to their activity number of Griffon Vulture has increased to 300 individuals.
The Griffon Vulture is a bird of an impressive size whose wingspan reaches up to 3m. On the Balkan peninsula there are only two more habitats of Griffon Vulture: habitat in the canyon of the river Trešnjica in Serbia and on the Cres island in Croatia.
Don’t miss to visit monastery Uvac dedicated to Virgin Mary,that is nearby.
When you are going to adventure called “Canyon Uvac“ do not forget the full equipment: binoculars, camera and video camera.
We are truly recomended to take a break in a reastaurant nearby, to enjoy in the the Sjeničke steak and steak “Pesterke“ with mushrooms from a local cuisine…
Visit the Uvac canyon and enjoy in this nature beauty!

Monastery Uvac

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